Calendar for Atlas Study

  AUGUST 2009   
3* = Guiding Question # = Formative Eval## = Formative  Act.ORQ= Open Response

4       WELCOMEClass Expectations Grading Guiding Question Intro Final Project  

5*Why use maps?        # Choose map/fill in blanks                  Activity –Distortion Vocab Words    

6.  Intro to Atlas    Target Hemisphere Game                                # Why is London in both E & W Hemis? 

7 Free Reading Friday 

10 pts.

10  Atlas Vocab## Draw a large & small scale of your bedroom 11          Catch Up DayTalk about Final Project and Summative Evaluation 12. Physical and Topographic maps   ## Create bike pathVocab Words 13 Thematic Maps# Make a pie graph using technologyVocab WordsORQ

14 Free Reading Friday 

10 pts.

17 Road Maps# Plan trip taking shortest amount of time.Vocab Words18 Historical MapsVocab Words# Summarize historical info using word processor19 Vocabulary Word ActivityCatch Up Day20 Review the Final ProjectStudents continue working on final project

21 Free Reading Friday 

10 pts.

24Students continue working on final project 25  Final Project Due     Begin Reading, Writing and Creating for Information  2627

28 Free Reading Friday

 10 pts.